The Flow for Selling a Property in Japan
Assessment of the property with reference to the current market.
Mediation Contract
Discuss the detailed condition, and sign a contract for selling.
Sales Activity
Using our own network of property owners and advertising on websites, we will find a buyer as soon as possible.
Periodic Report
We perform current status report appropriately so that we can share the latest market information.
Purchase Offer
When we find a potential buyer, we will receive a purchase offer.
Sales Contract
When you and the buyer sign the sales contract, you will receive 
*down payment
 from the buyer.
Normally, 10% worth of the purchase price.
Mortgage Erasure
If you have any outstanding loans of the bank, you will need to cancel mortgage in order to transfer the ownership to the buyer.
After the payment of the final balance, judicial scrivener will do the property registration.
Agent Fee
When all the procedures are completed, you will pay the 
*Agent Fee
3% of the selling price plus 60,000 JPY and 8% of consumption tax..