The Keys for Investing Properties in Japan
Current Market
Let's figure out the rent and price of the property you are planning to buy.
You should be careful if the price of the property and its rent are significantly higher or lower than the other properties in the same area.
We will examine all the details on behalf of you.
Location and Environment
In Tokyo, convenience is paramount, and less than 10-minute walk from the nearest station is a standard.
Let's also research the neighborhood whether there is a supermarket that is open until late at night, or whether is nearby convenience store.
Convenience of shopping will affect the ease of renting out.
Property Management
In case of occupied properties, it is important to know who is renting it.
If there is a non-payment of rent in the past, you may want to give up on purchasing it.
In Tokyo, even if a tenant does not pay the rent, you may not force the tenant to leave the property unless you get the permission of enforcement in court.
Costs for lawsuits would greatly reduce the rate of return on your property.